Friday, September 25, 2015

Tastykake Minis!

I am so loving these cute little Tastykake mini cupcakes. They are three little cupcakes, just the perfect size for my kids. That way you can enjoy the creamy middle in all of them!

Thanks to Influenster, I received a box of the new Tastykake Minis to try. I received a box of the Swirly Cupkakes. They are made with Hershey's Cocoa which adds a nice chocolate taste to the cupcake.

They come packaged in three little cupcakes per packet. Perfect size for snacking and sharing.

I shared a pack with my son. As you can see he was really excited to try these too. Let's just say I got one out of the three.

There is just enough icing and cream filling to give you a taste of each in every bite. The bigger cupcakes leave me wanting because you only get a little pocket of the cream filling in the middle. These are bite size, so each bite is filled with yumminess!

You can check out TastyKake on Facebook and Instagram to see all of the excitement!

I received a package of Tastykakes to try for free. All opinions are solely mine.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Bear in the "Snuggle" Den

Summer break is almost over and it will be back to work and school. I can't believe how fast it went this year. I took a few road trips here and there, and found some neat places to hang out for a couple of days and relax.

Thanks to Snuggle, I received a Snuggle Bear to enjoy the trips with me! How fun is that! He shared in bike rides and basketball, as well as, a road trip to Jacksonville, Florida!
He truly enjoyed the sunset as much as I did. We ran into a cute little manatee while we were there too. He hid under the boat and made it difficult for us to leave.

The manatee came up for air and caught us all off guard. We even glimpsed his giant fin as he snuck under the boat again.

Before we headed to our destination we stopped at the Russell Stover outlet. Tons of chocolate! I love their discount section in the back. You can buy a bag of "boo boo" chocolates for a really good price. My tummy doesn't know the difference for sure. It still tastes really good.

I know I have had a good summer and I hope that Snuggle Bear did too. My kids laughed at me in the beginning when I started taking photos, but they soon found places to take Snuggle's picture and were reminding me to take them when I could.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Nescafe Coffee & Creamer Review and Giveaway

I'm all about convenience. Anything that is going to make my life easier and makes things quicker in the morning is awesome. Thanks to Nescafe, I now have a better method for my morning coffee. I don't even have to worry about having creamer in the fridge! Nescafe now has an all in one coffee and creamer. Yup! Everything in one place. It is even convenient for taking to work. I just add hot water and, viola!

Thanks to Smiley 360 I received a sample for free to try. I have enjoyed drinking it, as well as, sharing my experience with my friends! To share my wonderful experience I would love to give you the chance to try it too! I am giving away a coupon for a free full size bottle for you to try. Nescafe comes in three flavors - Hazelnut, French Vanilla, and Original. Just comment with which flavor you would like to try! Good Luck! I will choose a winner January 6, 2015.

I received a sample from Smiley360 for free to try. All comments and opinions are solely mine.

Monday, July 21, 2014

The Beautiful Mountains of Tennessee

We finally had a family vacation. I say finally because we never have had one that didn't involve leaving the state for either a funeral or wedding. We chose to go to the beautiful mountains of Tennessee. My husband was there for the first time at the same age that the boys are, which made it all that much more exciting. We had a wonderful time in Gatlinburg and in the Smoky Mountains.
There is just nothing more beautiful that nature itself. We climbed to the top of the mountain to look out at the Clingman's Dome Tower. We about died going up the half mile trail. It was a serious hike. We found out later that it is the highest point, more than 6,000 feet up. No wonder we couldn't catch our breath! The climb was worth it though. To see the mountains and trees was awesome.

But like all things great and awesome, vacation had to come to an end. I know we created lots of memories for the boys that day.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Kiss Everlasting French Manicure

Thanks to Influenster I got try out the new Kiss Everlasting French Manicure kit. I don't usually do my nails because I am always cleaning or doing things that cause my nails to break or the polish to come off. I was excited to try these though, especially when I saw they were supposed to be chip resistant!

The 4th of July holiday is close so I decided to step up the nails. What more fun that customizing them to the holiday? It was really easy to do my own personalization because I didn't have them on. Have you ever tried to paint your own nails and makes designs? Holy cow! My left hand just doesn't do what I am telling it to.
I was happy with how the nails turned out. With an easy start of having the french manicure part on the nail, adding to it was awesome.

I would save these for a special occasion or date night though. I didn't get them to stay on longer than three days. I told you I use my hands a lot. For a quick pretty to your nails, these are perfect and reasonably priced.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

First Aid Shot Therapy Review

Well, summer is here and so the yard work begins. When it isn't a million degrees (well, it feels that way here in Florida) I like to get some of the yard work done in the evening. Unfortunately, summer also brings the joy of bugs. Bugs here are not tiny in any sense. It seems everything stings too. Fire ants, wasps, bees, etc.

Thanks to our overgrowth of critters and bugs here, I had a nasty run in with a wasp. Yup, trimming the hedges, minding my own business. He flew out and got me good. Twice on the arm and once on the leg. Of course I ran screaming like a little girl to get away, but that sucker chased me around the yard.

A week ago I received one of my Vox Boxes from Influenster. They sent me First Aid Shot Therapy to try. It is a shot of pain relief in liquid form. After the wasp got me, I thought I would give the First Aid Shot Therapy a try. It helped ease some of the pain from the stings. It seemed to work faster than taking a tablet, which was great considering the pain I was in. I guess I will be hunting the wasp down and paying him back with a nice spray of wasp killer. Can't chance my kids getting stung too.
Thanks Influenster for my free sample! #FASTrelief  #contest

Monday, June 23, 2014

Influenster Spring Vox Box Review

Everyone I know loves samples! Hooray to Influenster for allowing me to try some great products! I recently received the Spring Vox Box which was filled with some fun things.
I was really excited to try some of these. First,  I will start with the Softlips Cube. I love it! I have never had such soft and moist lips. I use this product after I apply one of those all day lipstick colors. You know the kind. They dry lips up to little raisins because it is literally like adding a coat of paint! Well, I smear a dose of the Softlips Cube on and it resolves all of those issues.

Second, the Rimmel Scandal Eyes. What woman doesn't want an eye full of luscious lashes? This encourage longer lashes without the lash curler. I had a friend tell me one time that I use my lash curler too much and my lashes will fall out if I don't stop. Thanks goodness I finally found a product that can help lengthen my lashes without making them fall out.

Next is the Nivea Skin Firming Hydration. Not so sure about the skin firming part, but I am absolutely sold the the hydration part. I don't like sticky residue from lotions and this one doesn't leave one for me. My hands aren't gross after applying it.

The Kiss Nails Everlasting set. Well, this says it is chip free. I got a cute set of french manicure nails to apply. I am very hard on my hands and nails to say the least. Always cleaning something it seems. These lasted about a week without too much demise in my regular schedule of things. Not a real manicure person because I would be wasting my money, but for a quick fix for a date or night out, these would be great.

Lastly, the Playtex Sport. I don't like to change brands in this area, but in this case I thought I would give it a try. Needless to say I was sorely disappointed. Things just didn't work the way they were supposed to. It didn't "bloom" (girls, you will know what I mean) to my satisfaction. Application was easy, but protection left me a little perturbed.

Once again, thanks to Influenster for their box of wonderful goodies. I have truly enjoyed trying them all!