Thursday, October 24, 2013

Always Need A Retreat for the Body

Now that winter is coming, I have noticed my skin is becoming a little more dry. I have tried dozens of different lotions and potions to try to come up with a way to help keep my skin moisturized. It just seems that all they do is make me greasy. I have several that I love the scents, but the greasy after glow is just not for me.

Recently I tried something new. It is called Retreat For The Body. I am totally loving it! She has four wonderful scents. I have tried two of them which I absolutely like.

The lavender, vanilla and patchouli is a warmer scent with a touch of spice. The vanilla and peppermint is reminiscent of a vanilla cookie and a peppermint stick all mixed up together. It smelled so good I almost wanted to lick it out of the container. She also has vanilla, patchouli and citrus scent as well as vanilla peppermint and orange. If you check out her site you will also see she has lip balms she makes herself.

All of her goodies are made from natural ingredients and are paraben free. The lotions leave your skin feeling so soft and you smell wonderful! I know I see some upcoming holiday stocking stuffers for some of my friends this year!

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Anna Hagen said...

That Vanilla Peppermint sounds really good! I hate dry winter skin.